Message from Principal

Dear Parents/Guardians,
Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year! As principal, I have the great opportunity to work with the dedicated faculty, staff and students at Presbyterian Pan American School and it is truly a dream come true. The more time I spend here the more impressed I become with not only our faculty and staff but with our students and our very supportive parents. The Pan Am family is friendly, hard-working and genuinely cares about each other and especially about the students in our community. We are committed to making a positive difference in the lives of your children.
We will accomplish this by setting high academic expectations for all of our students and we will provide support and assistance to ensure that they are being met. We will also create a school culture that is conducive for learning and will set high standards for teacher performance. As a Christian college preparatory school that educates and empowers young adults for leadership in the global community, we embrace the challenges of the future while we continue to celebrate the traditions of our prestigious past. Our committed Pan Am family and students come together to make our school a wonderful and unique place.
Please make sure to stay informed about your child's grades in their classes. Student grades are uploaded on an online system called RenWeb, which you are able to access through our PPAS website. We will send you a reminder when student's grades have been uploaded into the system and are ready for your viewing. If you ever have a question regarding your child's grade please feel free to contact the school so that you may be able to receive information pertaining to your child's coursework from the teacher. All of us working together will help ensure that our ultimate goal of serving the student is being met. 
Please use our website and our Facebook page to stay informed about what Pan Am is doing on a daily basis.  You can check out our news items, calendar of events and photos and videos in our gallery.  
Let's work together and make this a great year!
Mrs. Ellie Perez, M.Ed., Principal / Counselor