COVID-19 Information

Message from the Leadership Team
Let each of you look not to your own interests, but to the interests of others.
Let the same mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus… Philippians 2:4
Dear Presbyterian Pan American School Family and Friends,
As the Pan Am leadership team, our duty to God, and to the students, parents and our staff, is to provide a healthy and safe campus. This obligation extends to everyone in this region that we call home, and to our international neighbors. With this COVID-19 pandemic, like many schools across the country and around the world, we are facing one of the most challenging circumstances the School has ever encountered. Key to our success will be the support and dedicated cooperation of the Pan Am family. Therefore, we have developed robust safety protocols to guide the types of behaviors we want every student, employee and visitor to follow.
In order to lessen the likelihood of an outbreak, or to break the chain of transmission if one occurs, we hope to conduct regular tests of as many people as possible; isolate those who are infected; and then identify and isolate everyone with whom the infected people have been in contact. With this approach, we hope to identify people who are infected, early, and thereby avoid spreading COVID-19 into the broader community. Our on-campus efforts may be limited by test supply availability (provided to us by the Coastal Bend Wellness Foundation) and any changes in CDC testing protocols.
Our best approach to minimizing the impact of COVID-19 on our community is a shared sense of responsibility for each other’s wellbeing. While we cannot eliminate the risks, collectively we can work to mitigate them, motivated by our shared Christian love of neighbor. We will ask all students and employees to sign a behavioral covenant. Through the covenant, individuals will agree to comply with strict policies regarding hygiene, facial coverings, physical distancing, and other protocols implemented throughout the year. Compliance with this covenant will be monitored closely. Even with a robust plan and good faith intentions, we may not be able to insulate ourselves from an outbreak of the virus and therefore are prepared to temporarily suspend or shut down school for the safety of everyone. If this does occur, we will transition to our virtual distance learning platform.
We want to acknowledge the dedicated effort of the entire Pan Am community since first learning of the coronavirus disease. While faced with unprecedented challenges on a global scale, our team showed resilience, compassion, commitment to the common good of the Pan Am and surrounding community, and its faith in God. We will continue to be a synergy of family and teamwork supported by God’s grace and a confidence in God’s love, mercy and wisdom.
God is Sovereign!