Presbyterian Pan American School

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Named Scholarships

Skinner/McLane President's Award
This award is presented each year to a male graduate who best demonstrates a positive attitude in every aspect of the school's programs of worship, study, and work. It is given in honor of Rev. James W. Skinner and Rev. S. Brooks McLane, both former Presidents of the Texas Mexican Industrial Institute (Tex Mex).
Berta Murray Award
This award is presented each year to a female graduate who best exemplifies the ideals of service, academic excellence, and spiritual growth. It is given in honor of Miss Berta Murray, the former president of the Presbyterian School for Mexican Girls (Pres Mex).
Elena Reisner Eagle Award
This award is presented each year to a graduating senior on the basis of overall leadership potential, including Christian character and service, academic stability, personal integrity, future educational plans, and reputation and regard of peers (leadership positions elected by peers). It is given in honor of Mrs. Elena Reisner, the wife of Dr. Sherwood Reisner, the first president of Pan Am, and an active partner in mission with her husband. She taught English at Pan Am and also served for a time as interim president.
Perry Reed Award
This award is given to a graduating senior with strong academic skills, a desire to continue his/her education at an American institution of higher learning, and in need of financial assistance to pursue his/her educational endeavors. It is given in honor of Mr. Perry Reed, an administrator and teacher at both Tex Mex and Pan American School, who resided on campus for over 30 years. Mr. Reed was an avid reader and a gifted scholar of English literature.
Rev. Isaac Santiago de Lugo Award
This award is presented each year to a returning student who best exemplifies growth in the knowledge of Biblical Studies. It is given in honor of Rev. Isaac Santiago de Lugo, a professor at Pres Mex and Tex Mex during the years of 1942 through 1950. His wife, Alicia A. de Lugo, and all eight of the de Lugo children, attended either Pres Mex and/or Pan American School.
Jorge Lara-Braud Award
This award is presented each year to a student who is intensely intellectually and spiritually curious. It is given in honor of Jorge Lara-Braud, a 1950 graduate of Tex Mex. Jorge received a Master of Divinity from Austin College and a Ph.D. from Princeton Theological Seminary. He went on to serve as Dean of Faculty and Professor of Theology at the National Presbyterian Seminary in Mexico City and also served on the faculty at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary.
Ralph L. Buell, Jr. Award
This award is presented each year to a graduating senior who best exemplifies honor, hard work, and humility. It is given in memory of Ralph L. Buell, Jr., a man of great faith. He was born near the Texas-Mexico border in Mercedes, Texas. Though he did not live there long, he always had an affection for the people of that region. He also held the Presbyterian Pan American School in high regard. He led a number of mission trips to the campus in the late 1970's and early 1980's from his home church in Lake Jackson, Texas.