Graduation Requirements
Following the revisions of the Texas State Graduation Requirements by the State Board of Education, Presbyterian Pan American School adopted the Recommended High School Program, which calls for 26 credits.  In addition, every student will be enrolled in a year-long Bible course which is required for our graduation requirements. Students who wish to challenge themselves further may choose to graduate under the Distinguished Achievement Program.  This program also consists of 26 credits, and these advanced students have the opportunity to be a part of our Dual Credit Program, which allows them to enroll in courses at Coastal Bend College and/or Texas A&M University-Kingsville during their senior year.
Dual Credit Program
Through our Dual-Credit partnerships with Coastal Bend College and Texas A&M University, Kingsville, qualifying students can earn college credits while attending high school.
Pre-University Program
Pan Am also offers a fifth “bridge” year for international students who are academically strong but whose command of English might place them at a competitive disadvantage in a U.S. college classroom. This is for students that have graduated in their home country who may attend for a year and enroll in our Intensive English Program and later receive a certificate of completion. The emphasis of the bridge year is strengthening a student’s English reading comprehension, speaking, writing, and listening skills and to get them accepted into a college/university of their choice.