Health & Wellness Program

Presbyterian Pan American School encourages and welcomes community stakeholders to participate in the development, review, update and implementation of the Local Wellness Policy. 
It is our mission to care for and to keep our students healthy. Students are provided with three well-balanced meals per day, including healthy snacks after school, under the guidance of the National School Lunch Program (NSLP). Additionally, our school employs a full-time nurse who acts as an intermediary with parents, staff and local health care professionals on issues relating to students' emotional and physical health. The nurse helps to educate students on the importance of caring for their mind and body.  The nurse ensures that  students are up to date on all immunizations required by the State of Texas and that they have a spinal, vision and hearing screening at least once, while they are enrolled at our school.  
The nurse will administer over-the-counter medications, if needed, and assess the student’s well-being to determine if the student will remain in class or return to the dorm to recover. In the event that a student is returned to the dorm the student will be monitored by the dorm staff and will be given medication as needed. The Dorm Directors are fully supplied with over-the-counter medications in the event that a student becomes ill after the nurse has left for the day. If a student needs to see a doctor, the nurse will take the student to see the local physician and implement any orders that are given.
The nurse is available to answer any questions that students may have about health related issues.  The nurse also assists in organizing procedures for any emergency that may occur and works with school staff to decide the best protocol to take to ensure the safety of all our students and staff. 
The following websites offers helpful information for students, parents and teachers: - information on student health issues - current immunization information and more