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This library building was given to Presbyterian Pan American School by the Alice G. Kleberg Fund. It is built upon land given to the school in 1912 by Mrs. Henrietta M. King, wife of Captain Richard King founder of the King Ranch. In gratitude for the abiding interest shown to this school by Mrs. King, Mrs. Kleberg and the succeeding generation of their family, this library building is dedicated to the memory of Mrs. Alice G. Kleberg.
The library houses over 30,000 volumes and adjoins the classroom building by a breezeway. It is the academic heart of the school. Furnished with comfortable chairs and individual study carrels, it provides a tranquil setting for study and research. Visit our online PPAS library website
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College Board
Christian College Guide
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Best Online Dictionaries:
All Students
Merriam-Webster Advanced Learner’s Dictionary
Beginning English Students
(1st year ESL-English)
Merriam-Webster Word Central
Intermediate English Students
(3rd year ESL program)
American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language
Advanced English Students
(3rd year or more in ESL program)
Merriam-Webster Dictionary

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Public Radio International
(English language radio covering the globe)
National Public Radio
(English language radio reporting on U. S. and world news)

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Researching and Documenting Sources:
Texshare Database
OSLIS-MLA Citation Maker
OSLIS-APA Citation Maker
OWL MLA Formatting and Style Guide
OWL APA Formatting and Style Guide

Writing and Language:
OWL (Purdue University) ESL Writing Lab