Walter Mebane

Welcome to Walter Mebane's website. I have taught chemistry at the high school level since 1976. I retired from public school in 2008 but have continued to teach chemistry part time. My wife and I have a small ranch (Ranchito Mebane) and raise our nonhuman children: cows, goats, miniature horse, donkey, peacocks, turkeys, ducks, geese, chickens, and six dogs. We have two adult children. My daughter teaches freshmen at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston and my son works in Corpus Christi.

My goal for your children is to insure they will be successful in a college chemistry class. They will not only understand the professor but (my hope is) will also be the top students in the class. My students will leave with a greater understanding of chemistry and how they interact with matter and energy in the world around them.

This is my forth year at Presbyterian Pan American School. I have found graduates from this school more prepared for college life than the majority of students in United States. Every day is a joy to go to class and engage students.