Student Bank Information

The Student Bank is located in the Business Office.  This is an optional service that allows parents to deposit funds for the student’s use during the school semester.  This is usually “spending money” for the students to pay for incidental expenses (ex. weekend activities, personal items, etc.). 


Hours of Operation

The student bank is open Monday through Friday during the school day and approximately one hour after school.  The student bank is closed on the weekend, so students are encouraged to plan ahead to obtain any spending money needed for the weekend.


Depositing Money

Deposits may be made to a student’s bank account in cash, check (U.S. only), by bank wire, or credit card payment online at our website.  (NOTE:  When paying by bank wire, applicable bank fees will be deducted from the wire amount.  When paying by credit card, 3.5% will be deducted from the deposited amount to cover credit card processing fees.)


Phone Cards and Stamps

Students may purchase international phone cards at the student bank.  And, stamps are available for students to purchase to cover expenses for outgoing mail.